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Wood oven pizza at The Priory InnCotswold restaurant wood oven pizzas 

Wood Oven Pizza Menu

Our pizza menu is served every lunchtime from 12pm -3pm; Monday - Thursday evenings from 5pm - 10pm; and on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays it is served all day from 12pm - 10pm.

  • Margherita with torn basil (v) £8.95
  • Wiltshire ham hock and mushroom with basil £9.95
  • Smoked chicken with portabellini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and garlic oil £10.95
  • Four cheese with mozzarella, Holy Smoked, Brinkworth Blue and soft peppered cheese on a white base (v)* £10.95
  • Smoked streaky bacon, roasted red peppers and Brinkworth Blue topped with a free-range Sherston egg £10.95
  • Pepperoni and chorizo £11.95
  • Beetroot, red onion, mushrooms, soft peppered cheese and pesto (v) £11.95
  • Roasted pear pizza with caramelised onion and Holy Smoked cheese £11.95
  • Wiltshire sausage with smoked pancetta, black olives, fresh herbs and garlic oil £12.95
  • Cajun chicken, caramelised onion, double Gloucester cheese and cherry tomato on BBQ sauce £12.95
  • Spiced beef with caramelised red onion, Brinkworth Blue cheese and roasted red peppers £12.95
  • Pulled pork with barbecue sauce, double Gloucester cheese, gherkins and red onions £12.95


*White pizzas have no tomato sauce; however, please let us know if you would prefer a traditional tomato base.
Feel free to design your own pizza with any of the toppings above for the Margherita price plus £1.00 for each vegetable topping, £1.25 for each cheese topping and £1.50 for each meat topping.

As we buy all our food locally and according to the seasons, our menus may be subject to change.

Service is not included on your bill - any tips go straight to our staff.

"Dining in a 30 Mile Food Zone"