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Who we are

We, (Dave and Tanya Kelly) have owned and run The Priory Inn for over 10 years. After long careers in American hotels and European holiday and restaurant companies, we decided that we wanted to fill a family-friendly niche in the hotel industry and deliver a special food and bedroom experience that the chains can’t.

We bought The Priory Inn in 2004 and turned it around from a run-down pub and tired hotel into the exciting and successful business it is today. We are at The Priory Inn everyday working with our team to drive it forward. Our two young children are often on-site, more and more trying to help! It is a true family business.

We value all our employees input. In fact, we thrive on your ideas. We are continuously improving and the ideas and input from of each of our staff in very important to us. We might not be able to implement every idea but we thrive on the stream of ideas.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We treat all our employees and job applicants equally. You will not receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity and marriage and civil partnership.

How to apply

If you haven't applied already, please send your CV and a recent photo to Make sure your CV includes the names and locations of all your previous employers. The employment dates should include both the month and year of the start and end of the employment. Don't be afraid to tell us why you would like to work for us in your email. If you would like more information on putting together a CV, click here for some tips.

What we offer

Our wages are very competitive. The costs of living in Tetbury are low. None of your wages will disappear unnecessarily on commuting or without explanation when you have just been to the cashpoint!

Tips are good – we have loyal customers who recognise and reward the great service they receive with us. Unlike some restaurants, we pass all tips on to our staff with no deductions.

You get a staff meal when you are on duty and our chefs always make sure you benefit from extras which we did not sell during service.

We offer free use of a nearby gym (5 minutes walk) called The Priory Gym. You can use six free sessions each month. After that, you get a steeply discounted pass.

You get 28 days of holiday a year. This is your opportunity to see other parts of the UK or Europe. With Heathrow airport a 2 hour easy coach ride away or Bristol airport a 1 hour drive away, you can use this time to dart off to the continent. At our peak times like July, August, October or Christmas/New Year we can't grant holidays - but it’s better to travel when you won’t be charged over the odds for flights and hotels.

It is important for you to know our products. This is one of the reasons why you receive 20% off all food from our restaurant. To help you get to know the fabulous food we serve, we regularly take our staff on farm, producer and brewery tours. One of our recent trips was to make cheese with one of our best cheese ladies.

Staff accommodation

Not all of our staff choose to live in staff accommodation but for those who do it is in two cottages on-site with:

  • Free wireless internet access (bring your own phone/laptop/ipad)
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Televisions in each room (we pay the TV license)
  • Full kitchen
  • Central heating

You will share the house with other employees. You will gain exposure to people from all over the world. Most of our staff make lifelong friendships from their time here.

What it is like working for The Priory Inn

We work hard and we play hard.

We especially look after families and children well. It is important that you like kids.

We try to give all our staff two days off per week. Although not always possible, we believe that this is important. Most of our positions are paid by the hour meaning that if we ask you to give us some extra time, you will be paid for it.

Our kitchen has a passion for local and seasonal food. To be a member of this tight knit team you need to love freshness and the natural beauty of our local produce. Our chef loves to teach and develop his staff.

In the front of the house, our service style is relaxed but professional. You will be encouraged to get to know our customer’s names and to be friendly to them all the time.

As many of you will be with us over Christmas, we try to do something special to thank you for your hard work when everybody else is off. The one night of the year that the restaurant and bar are closed is Christmas night so you get the chance to have a good Christmas dinner and party.

What Tetbury is like

Tetbury is a nice small town of about 6000 people. It is quintessentially English and its most famous local resident is HRH Prince Charles. The Prince’s farm supplies us with many of the vegetables on our menu. It is a short walk to supermarkets, shops, doctors and the amenities you would expect from a proper town.

We are within easy distance of London (1.5 hours by train), Bath (35 minutes by car), Oxford (1.25 hours by train, Cheltenham (30 minutes by car) and Bristol (40 minutes by car). We think it’s the most beautiful part of England with rolling countryside, beautiful walks, The Cotswold Waterpark and lovely little villages.

There are five pubs in Tetbury besides ours, several cafes an Indian restaurant and proper English fish and chips – but we are the best restaurant and bar in town!

UK Jobs for Australians, Kiwis, South Africans and Europeans

We cannot arrange visas for you and the bureaucracy involved in getting a Job if you are an Australian, Kiwi, South African, other commonwealth country can be bewildering. Even UK Jobs for Europeans can involve paperwork. Luckily, there is help online.

  • For Australians looking for UK hospitality jobs see IEP Australia 
  • For Kiwis looking for hotel jobs in England see IEP New Zealand
  • For South Africans and other commonwealth nations see Bunac
  • For Europeans (except Bulgaria and Romania), see Direct Gov

Unfortunately, if you do not have a visa, work permit, blue card or are not a citizen of a nation which has a right to work in the UK, we cannot help or sponsor you.

Who works at The Priory Inn

Our staff come from as far away as Australia and Indonesia and as nearby as Tetbury. You need a passion for life, love of fresh food and quality drink, a good hard-working ethic and the ability to connect with our customers.

The role our staff plays is to help us make a profit will still having fun at work.

The kind of qualities we are looking for in our staff are:

  • Creativity and ideas
  • Passion for our locally sourced food
  • Enjoying being part of the team
  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendly with our customers
  • Caring about our standards
  • Working quickly and accurately
  • Working well under pressure with a smile on your face
  • Having fun!

Our Company Values

  • Treat each other and our guests with dignity and respect
  • Have fun whilst we work
  • Provide a clean and safe environment for guests and team
  • Communicate openly and with integrity at all times
  • Take pride in commitment to real quality in everything we do
  • Celebrate and reward accomplishments for top players
  • Work together as one team without boundaries/walls/barriers/departments
  • Continuously strive to improve and learn
  • Anticipate needs and deliver more than expected to guests and team members
  • Embrace everyone's ideas, value all thoughts and encourage participation
  • Support a healthy life and work balance

Click here to meet some of our past employees

Elliott - bartender from Australia
Australian sees snow This is a picture of me the first time I saw snow.

Working at the Priory was one of the best things I have ever done. I created my family in the Cotswolds while travelling and working alone in the UK. The work wasn't easy at times, but we always pulled together to get through. In our time off, exploring Tetbury and the surrounding region was always exciting; new places are to be found around every corner, or just a short bus ride away.

Vito - Chef from Italy
I always have great memories of the Priory, the job, the place and the people in little Tetbury. The best thing abou the job was really a thousand things... from the organic local products that would allow me to make the best pizza in all Gloucestershire, to the oustanding countryside scenery of Tebury, to the friendly and bubbly Priory staff and Tetbury people... This atmosphere, people and food products really stimulate professionalism at the Priory pushing everyone to excel!!!

In my 10 years experience in hotels and restaurants in Europe and Africa, this place has definitely been the best work-life experience of all!
Italian Pizza Chef

Karyn from Australia
Karyn from Australia Struggling to save money for my European travels whilst working in London, I stumbled across the Priory Inn, and so glad I did. Most of the staff at the Priory live and work together, so you soon become a little family, and friends for life. Coming from a city in Australia, made living in this picture perfect country village was a breath of fresh air. One of the most beautiful places in the UK! I loved the small town feeling and getting to know the locals, as well as chatting with the many international travellers that pass through. Serving the freshest local produce at a high standard made working in the restaurant a pleasure. We worked hard, but we also played just as hard. With days off spent exploring the stunning surrounding areas, and many nights spent having a few cheeky drinks with new friends. Some of my greatest memories were made right here!
Aga from Poland but now settled in England
Whilst working at The Priory Inn I particularly enjoyed the team I worked with. The people are really friendly and helpful. It has a very good working atmosphere and even if you are extremely busy, it is still enjoyable. It’s a good place to work and study at the same time especially as my studies were abroad. I gained valuable experience in all aspects of customer service.

I have all good memories from The Priory Inn so if this is your first (or not) job experience I highly recommend it!
Aga from Poland