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Tips on having the best CV when you apply for a job with us

If you do not have a CV, you can download and fill in our application form.  You can scan and email it to us or post it through the mail.  Please send your CV and a recent photo to


Spelling, grammar and punctuation is very important on a CV.  Use the spell checker in your software.

Below is the basic information we require in a CV.  If you leave any of this out, you are unlikely to succeed to the interview stage.  Use this information as a check-list!

  1. Your name
  2. Your current postal address
  3. Your email address
  4. Your contact telephone number.  It is helpful if you give a number with voicemail.
  5. A list of all the jobs you have held with the most RECENT position first and then working backwards in time.  Include the following information
    1. Company name – if the company name is different from the hotel/restaurant name, put both down
    2. The location – it is of no use to us if you put a common restaurant name like “The Crown” with no location.  If we cannot find the location easily on the internet, this will hurt your chances.
    3. Start date including the MONTH and year. Do NOT put down years only.
    4. End date including the MONTH and year
    5. Your title – eg Sous chef or Bartender
    6. Relevant information about your responsibilities, accomplishments and duties
  6. A list of your educational qualifications

If we are missing any of the above information, your CV might be discarded.

The following information is optional but could be helpful to us when considering candidates

  1. Reasons for leaving a particular job
  2. Website addresses of where you worked.
  3. Relevant extra curricular activities or interests
  4. Your bosses name at each position
  5. Details for references